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What Makes HSG Unique in the Marketplace?

The Hudson Strategic Group (HsG), a business architectural firm, formed in 1991. It has developed the Intentional Delivery of Excellence through Assessment and Learning (IDEAL™) Blueprints.

IDEAL™ Blueprints are a tool which assist almost any type of organization or group construct themselves and design their operations in a manner that delivers their products or service in a world class manner.

HsG develops IDEAL™ Blueprints to:

  • identify current organizational capacity,
  • reveal uncontested market space
  • develop strategies for exploiting market opportunities,
  • create scorecards for monitoring strategic success,
  • establish necessary steps to achieve tactical success, and
  • document requirements for operational success.

These blueprints can also serve as tools for communicating strategic and implementation plans to stakeholders. Ultimately, HsG IDEAL™ Blueprints create a Roadmap to a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

IDEAL™ Services

Making our clients essential, compelling, and indispensable.

Crossroads for Teens (CRFT)

Crossroads for Teens (CRFT) is a Hudson Strategic Group (HsG) career and college planning program


Brings citizen input into planning and development around important community assets

Business Architecture

HsG develops IDEAL™ Blueprints that graphically represent a sustainable competitive enterprise.

Minority Elected Officials

Training advocates to hold individuals, organizations, and systems accountable to their constituents.

Client Endorsement for Minority Elected & Appointed Officials

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