Black Elected Officials

The Challenge

Creating a community in which systems, policies, and governing agencies serve all constituents equally.

The Answer

Certificate-Community Advocate Performance Excellence
(CAPE) “Elevating the BEO Advocates Performance”
The CAPE certificate equips federal, state, and local representatives,elected or appointed, to hold public and private organizations accountable fortheir constituents. The Hudson Strategic Group (HSG) is currently collaborating with HBCU’s to develop andoffer CAPE as the umbrella for a variety of continuing education programs for Black Elected Officials (BEOs).

Program participants will learn to leverage performance excellence principles to magnify and improve their contributions to public organizations such as county commissions, city councils, school boards, transportation agencies, government authorities, etc.

The Hudson Strategic Group anticipates the first program offering, Black Elected Official (BEO) Efficacy Workshop, being open for enrollment in the spring of 2021.

The Black Elected Official (BEO) Efficacy Workshop

Efficacy is the power to produce an effect. BEOs who demonstrate efficacy bring about a difference in people’s lives, businesses, residences, & society. This workshop uses Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award (MBQA) performance excellence principles to create a blueprint for individual & organizational efficacy. Over 14,000 companies, organizations, non-profits, & public entities have used these principles to increase their effectiveness.

The goal in this workshop is to introduce a proven methodology that empowers elected officials in general. Black elected officials specifically, to cause existing redesign systems and establish new techniques to produce effects that meet their constituents’ needs efficacy.

In this workshop, BEOs will learn to hunt for performance excellence as a way to demonstrate efficacy objectively. First, each BEO will construct an Advocacy Strategy Map that identifies a personal path for becoming essential, compelling, and indispensable to any constituency. Second, each BEO will learn the 12 steps of The Efficacy Matrix, a decision support tool that can highlight the need for redesigning policy, procedures, and services according to performance excellence principles. Third, each BEO will personalize the Performance Excellence Diagnostic.This tool identifies 50 ways to hold organizations accountable for efficacy through performance excellence principles.

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