Business Architecture

What is Business Architecture

Business architecture develops value creation blueprints which act as a bridge between an organization’s vision and the reality it faces by balancing what’s desired and what’s pragmatic. Architecture blueprints should provide a plan for realizing the vision within specified constraints (e.g. cost, resources, etc.)

Business Architecture Blueprints

HsG Intentional Delivery of Excellence through Assessment and Learning (IDEAL) Blueprints depict how the organization’s value processes translate data from a measurement system into information, converts that information into knowledge or wisdom, and ultimately leverages that knowledge or wisdom into a sustainable competitive advantage. Ultimately IDEAL™ Blueprints provide a plan for completing the most important jobs, achieving the most lucrative gains, and relieving the most irritating pain.

IDEAL™ Blueprint Content

  • Growth and revenue targets for organizational success
  • Customer value propositions that drive growth and revenue success
  • Internal capability requirements for delivering on customer value propositions
  • People, processes, and technological adjustments necessary to establish performance excellence
  • Obstacles to strategy success
  • Measures and metrics for implementation success

IDEAL™ Blueprint Approach

HsG gathers the “Voice of the Stakeholders” for community economic development & improvement projects using world-class collaborative frameworks. HsG facilitates participants through these frameworks in its virtual conference room where:

  • Individuals from disparate groups collaborate at the same time or asynchronously
  • Collaboration software allow for multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Contributions posted for all to see and comment on
  • Anonymous input is encourages candor (no attribution, no retribution)
  • Conversation through data entry ensures verbatim documentation
  • Verbatim conversation produced for participant review within 48 hours
  • Affinity exercises and prioritization foster efficient decision making

IDEAL™ Blueprint Benefits

  • Mission/vision clarity
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder consensus
  • Strategic direction
  • Strategy and implementation alignment
  • Market differentiation
  • Sustainable funding approach
  • Role clarification