IDEAL™ Blueprints

HsG Intentional Delivery of Excellence through Assessment and Learning (IDEAL) Blueprints provide regions, cities, communities, neighborhoods, churches, and associations with a path to improve their economic circumstances. IDEAL™ Blueprints result from a collaborative community planning and education process.

CITIWorks Participants

Participants would include stakeholders from businesses, community groups, churches, social service organizations, government agencies, nonprofit agencies, and education organizations. Through HsG expert facilitation they would create a plan of action to design or redesign their practices and processes that influence their economic circumstances.

CITIWorks Approach

HsG gathers the “Voice of the Stakeholders” for community economic development & improvement projects using world-class collaborative frameworks. HsG facilitates participants through these frameworks in its virtual conference room where:

  • Individuals from disparate groups collaborate at the same time or asynchronously
  • Collaboration software allow for multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Contributions posted for all to see and comment on
  • Anonymous input is encourages candor (no attribution, no retribution)
  • Conversation through data entry ensures verbatim documentation
  • Verbatim conversation produced for participant review within 48 hours
  • Affinity exercises and prioritization foster efficient decision making

CITIWorks Deliverables

Specifically, communities can leverage CITIWorks to produce

  • Community Charters
  • Entrepreneurial Zones
  • Organizational Development Plans
  • Community Development Plans
  • Individual Economic Development Plans
  • Quality/Customer Service Training
  • Community Economic Profiles
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Strategic Plans
  • System Design or Redesign

CITIWorks Frameworks

IDEAL™ Blueprints use the following world-class tools as frameworks for the collaboration:

  • Balanced Scorecard™
  • Blue Ocean Strategy™
  • Business Model Generator™
  • Logic Model
  • Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award

These frameworks allow participants to collaboratively collect, synthesize, analyze, and strategize best practices on organizational capacity, uncontested market space, exploiting market opportunities, creating scorecards for monitoring strategic success, establishing necessary steps to achieve tactical success, and documenting requirements for operational success.

CITIWorks Virtual Conference Room Requirements

  • Input Device (computer, tablet, smart device)
  • Internet Connection
  • Subject Matter Expertise

CITIWorks Client Cities

  • Albany, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Camden County, Georgia
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Savannah, Georgia