Minority Elected and Appointed Officials

The Challenge

Creating a community in which systems, policies, and governing agencies serve all constituents equally.

The Answer

Certificate of Excellence in Government Operations and Leadership Development” CeGOLD) for Minority Elected and Appointed Officials’ (MEAO)
The CeGOLD certificate equips federal, state, and local representatives, elected or appointed, to hold public and private organizations accountable for their constituents. The Hudson Strategic Group (HSG) is currently collaborating with Fort Valley State University and the Georgia Association of Black County Officials (GABCO) to develop CeGOLD as the umbrella program for various MEAO continuing education offerings.

The Program targets MEAOs in local, state, and federal governments, including county commissioners, city councilpersons, school board members, senior government managers, transportation agency personnel, sheriff’s departments, and agents from government-sponsored enterprises. It is a structured program designed to help Minority officials utilize the governmental systems and personnel to be held more responsive to their minority communities using a succinct sustainable model.

Through the CeGOLD program, MEAOs will expand their knowledge and develop new skills based upon performance excellence principles. These principles magnify and improve the potential contributions of governmental organizations and policies and cause a transformation so that what works for the minority community will work for everybody.

The outcome objective is to equip MEAOs to change the narrative and to produce the desired outcomes between their community and government resources that enhance their constituents’ quality of life.

There are three (3) Certificates offered in the “Certificate of Excellence in Government Operations and Leadership Development” (CeGOLD) Workshop Series. Each Certificate series is composed of three (3) workshops conducted over consecutive months.

  • Certificate of Excellence in Government Operations
  • Certificate of Excellence in Government Leadership, Strategy, and Constituent Focus
  • Certificate of Excellence in Government Knowledge Management, Employee Focus and Systems Focus

CeGOLD Workshop Summary


CeGOLD employs tools and best practices from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) for Community Excellence. MBNQA uses robust, performance excellence-based questions that expose the difficulty of getting “good” answers for establishing and maintaining equity. Over 14,000 companies, organizations, non-profits, and public entities have used these principles to increase their effectiveness. CeGold also employs formal and informal Peer Expertise, Skills, and Experience Sharing


CeGold will combine classroom instruction with virtual web-based tools to create a collaborative experience among participants. Facilitators will assist each participant in applying the MBNQA world-class standards for their specific concerns.


The fee is $2,250 per series due in advance. Follow the prompts on the registration and payment window below

2021 Workshop Calendar

Series #1a Certificate of Excellence in Government Operations—June 5th, July 10th, and August 7th, 9am-4pm on the campus of Fort Valley State University

Series #1b Certificate of Excellence in Government Operations —September 11th, October 2nd, and November 6th, TBD

$2,250 Per Series of 3 Workshops